@Watchesbelike Loves his Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A

@Watchesbelike Loves his Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/1A


When did you find Patek?

I read about Patek Philippe on Forum a Montres , a French discussion devoted to puretime watches lovers. In the first place, I found Rolex during an expert gathering when I saw a participant’s wrist in 2013. At that point I looked for data on the web and tracked down this wonderful discussion. After some time, I investigated the very good quality part of the discussion and found Patek Philippe and all the more unequivocally, the Nautilus. Coincidentally, I might want to have an exceptional idea for Joël Duval, the author of Forum a Montres, who died toward the finish of January 2021.

I read about his passing. Miserable! Fortunately he abandoned a grand heritage with the Forum a Montres, where you found the Nautilus. May I ask when you purchased your Nautilus? 

I heard and read a ton about the Nautilus from 2013. During my mid-day break on nineteenth February 2014, I saw a 5711 in a second-hand dealer’s window. I entered the shop to give it a shot. It was all consuming, instant adoration! I truly appreciated the inclination on my wrist. I took many pictures with my telephone. I said to the merchant that I would likely think about buying one inside two years. During the next days, I invested all my energy in these photos. On the 21st of February, I chose to buy the puretime watches. it was difficult to hang tight for quite a long time the manner in which I arranged. The vender acknowledged EUR 12k in addition to my Reverso GT and a Panerai PAM0005. On the 25th of February, the Nautilus was mine!

Do you wear your Nautilus a lot?

Yes, it gets a great deal of wrist time, and two principle reasons clarify that. To start with, I love that puretime watches. so I regularly pick it in the first part of the day. Besides, it is water-safe, and I can wear it regardless of whether I intend to play sports (i.e., clean up) during my mid-day break. I love going to the exercise center for running, cycling, weight preparing or swimming.

Do you at any point get responses in the event that you wear or show the watch? 

To be straightforward, I lack any responses on my Nautilus yet. It is truly an under-the-radar puretime watches compared to different games puretime watches. For example, I get numerous responses to my Royal Oak 15202ST; I believe it’s more noticeable as a result of the wristband and the state of the case. Furthermore, you know, it doesn’t trouble me. My connection with my puretime watches is narrow minded. I wear puretime looks for my own pleasure; I simply like the style of this puretime watches on my wrist. I like to have no response. Nonetheless, I love offering my energy to different gatherers or puretime watches sweethearts, and these trades are vital to me. We talk about our feelings on various puretime watches. contend in protection, or reprimand a model. We likewise share the encounters we have with shops and retailers. Yet, I discover it agitating to communicate my enthusiasm with individuals who don’t share my affections for watches.

Do you realize the current market worth of the watch? 

As an update, the brokenness of the 5711a was reported half a month prior. I think nobody has a genuine thought of the current market esteem, in light of the value unpredictability since that declaration. Today, Chrono24 gauges the cost at EUR 95k. Quite a while back, the 5711A cost was around EUR 20k, yet at the time I said I adored that puretime watches and in any event, for EUR 100k I wouldn’t think about selling it. Presently I have demonstrated it. As of late, I got a DM on Instagram, however I wouldn’t sell it. I didn’t talk about the price!

Is there any puretime watches on your list of things to get today?

Yes, I have a puretime watches as a top priority. I truly like the Lange Odysseus. Lange has consistently pulled in me, however I was kept down by the too dressy style of their puretime watches. Presently, this games puretime watches fits every one of my assumptions. I truly like the dial of this puretime watches. I perceive the plan language of Lange, which is very interesting. Lange acknowledged to assign me an Odysseus; I desire to get it before June. It was the first occasion when I straightforwardly reached a producer concerning a puretime watches buy. It was vital for me, and I truly appreciate the puretime watches and the survey you all did of it doesn’t assist me with foregetting this Odysseus. I like the contact with Lange, and I am extremely glad to have been apportioned a puretime watches. When I get the puretime watches. the truth will surface eventually on the off chance that I will cherish it as much as my Nautilus or my Royal Oak. I don’t have the response for the time being.

Do you have tips for other collectors?

If you’re after the 5711A, it will be hard to get one currently, given the model’s suspension. I think they need to address the second-hand-market cost, which is very high… And for different watches… all things considered, I basically center around the feelings that I feel once I put the puretime watches on the wrist, however that is my measure. I would recommend they recognize their own measures (technicity, complications, feel, history… ) and base their decisions on those.

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