The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 321 Platinum

The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 321 Platinum

Omega’s Speedmaster Moonwatch has applied its gravitational draw on earthlings for over 50 years changing over Omega’s strong chronograph into a living symbol. For incalculable aficionados of the Speedmaster, Omega’s declaration in 2019 that it would revive its incredible Caliber 321 was just about as energizing as the Moon arrival. The first puretime watches graced with the loved hand-wound section wheel chronograph was the very good quality Speedmaster Moonwatch 321 Platinum followed a year later by a steel model, the Moonwatch Caliber 321  (which we named “The Ultimate Speedmaster”). We should investigate this heavyweight luxurious rendition with its onyx dial and lunar shooting star counters.

What started things out, the chicken or the egg?

Before the Speedmaster even existed, its heart was at that point thumping at Lemania’s assembling in Villeret. Prestigious for its extraordinary puretime watches developments, specifically chronographs, stopwatches and repeaters, Lemania once gave chronograph types to the huge names in watchmaking. In 1941, Lemania created the 27 CHRO C12, the predecessor of Omega’s type 321 that was, and still is, perceived as one the best and most wonderful hand-wound chronograph developments ever produced.

The first Speedmaster of 1957, with its particular tachymetre scale put on the bezel, was fitted with this type albeit other Omega chronographs, similar to those in the Seamaster assortment, were likewise beneficiaries of the development. In view of the Lemania ébauche, Omega’s type 321 prepared the Speedmaster from its creation in 1957 (in the CK2915) until the finish of the 1960s with the dispatch of the type 861. In light of a segment haggle grip engineering, the Caliber 321 is viewed as a more renowned, more “horological” development than the super powerful however less difficult type 861 utilized somewhere in the range of 1968 and 1996.

The type 321 saw a lot of activity in space: it was the development ticking inside Wally Schirra’s own puretime watches (CK2998) utilized during the 1962 Sigma 7 Mission denoting the first ‘unofficial’ Speedmaster in space; in 1965 it was tried and qualified by NASA for all space missions and worn by space traveler Ed White (ST105.003) during the primary American spacewalk, and it was likewise installed the Speedmaster (ST 105.012), the first puretime watches worn on the Moon . On the off chance that you are keen on the low down subtleties of the Speedmaster’s advancement, we recommend this guide with an identikit of the numerous references .

Moon rocks and metals

The decision of platinum (which is about 60% heavier than gold) adds an extravagant and consoling weight to the case. All things considered, NASA authorities have shown that we could be mining platinum on the Moon soon. For the Speedmaster Moonwatch 321, Omega has utilized an extraordinary platinum combination with gold (Pt950Au20). The case configuration is like the more hearty instance of the ST105.012 Moonwatch, with its defensive braces to safeguard the pusher and crown and the contorted lyre hauls. Estimating 42mm across, the platinum case highlights brushed and cleaned finishings (it merits recollecting, however, that platinum is effortlessly damaged). The trademark tachymetre bezel is made of dark ceramic with white polish markings for a fresh difference. Because of the section wheel development of the chronograph, the actuation of the pushers is super-smooth.

The inky dark dial is produced using onyx and acquires a plan highlight we typically partner with Omega’s initial Speedmaster models, to be specific the progression dial development. To be more careful, a raised focal region and a slight slant on the outskirts, which was found in most puretime watches from around 1961 to 1974. The rich dark gloss of the onyx makes way for the three sub-dials made with cuts of mottled dim lunar shooting star. White gold is utilized for the hour and moment hands and the applied lists, all treated with Super-LumiNova. Fans will see the value in the consideration of the applied vintage Omega logo and the engraving “Professional” around early afternoon alongside the “dot-over-90” on the tachymeter scale like the original ST 105.012, the last Speedmaster to have the type 321 and the first to incorporate the Professional inscription.

Looking at this Platinum version now that the new Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional has been divulged gives another perspective on this extravagant model. Undoubtedly, this Moonwatch 321 Platinum was really a “teaser” of the greater part of the updates to be found in the ordinary creation steel puretime watches dispatched in 2021, like the marginally overhauled case, the comeback of the progression dial, the twofold advance caseback, the tear seconds hand, the refreshed logos and textual styles or the notable design of the bezel.

The renaissance of an Icon

Having slept for over fifty years since creation finished in 1968 (in any event, for Omega), the news that Omega would stir the type 321 was music to the ears of Speedmaster fans. An uncommon division of Omega’s production was saved to revive the type. Working in top mystery for a very long time with the code name “Alaska 11”, the mission was to recreate the development as precisely as could really be expected. Utilizing computerized outputs to test a Speedmaster ST 105.003 worn by Gene Cernan on the Apollo 17 mission of 1972, every one of the pieces of the type 321 were repeated to scale. This high respect for the original implied that Omega’s Co-Axial innovation and Master Chronometer confirmation were out of the question.

Viewed from the caseback, admirers of the original 321 will see how the scaffolds, switches, pinion wheels and plates seem to be indistinguishable from the original albeit the finishings and inscriptions are more keen and more point by point. The scaffolds and mainplate, for instance, are plated with Senda gold and the inclines are cleaned. Another endearing certainty is that the whole get together of the development, including the puretime watches head and wristband, is executed by one watchmaker. Despite the fact that the development actually beats at the original lethargic speed of 18,000vph, the force save has been stretched out to 55 hours.


The word that continues to come to mind when I consider this puretime watches is “majestic.” There is something great, practically reserved about this hefty platinum puretime watches with its virus stone dial and pieces of lunar shooting star. Notwithstanding, the dial’s cold grandness is compensated by the view on the caseback welcoming you to plunge into the captivating activity furnished by type 321 with its warm18k Sedna gold scaffolds and mainplate. Then again, it may go altogether too far as far as extravagance, compared to the original soul of the Speedmaster, which was an instrument puretime watches all things considered. Its shortage is bound to make this puretime watches a collector’s item.

Availability & price

The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch 321 Platinum comes on a dark crocodile tie with a platinum pin clasp and retails for EUR 59,200. It isn’t restricted in number, yet creation is restricted by the accessibility of the type 321 (and a large portion of them will prepare the steel 321 Moonwatch).

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