Oris Aquis GMT Date Whale Shark Limited Edition

Oris Aquis GMT Date Whale Shark Limited Edition

Whale sharks, the delicate monsters of the sea that can gauge the length of a school transport, were delegated a jeopardized species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in 2016. Illicit fishing, crashes with boats and capture in fishing gear are obliterating the number of inhabitants in whale sharks. Regardless of their huge measurements, whale sharks are mild tiny fish eating animals that represent no danger to man. On the other hand, man is the greatest danger to whale sharks. To bring issues to light of their predicament and advance a more extensive comprehension of this interesting animal, Oris discharges an uncommon 43.5mm Aquis GMT Date model with a dial that inspires the spotted backs of the whale shark.

For the previous decade, Oris has joined the temporary fad of natural protection. Assembled under its “Change for the Better” program, drives from reestablishing, cleaning and securing the seas are advanced with the arrival of devoted limited editions. These drives range from eliminating plastic from the seas and ensuring coral reefs to bringing issues to light of the destiny of species like the blue whale . Today, it’s an ideal opportunity to investigate the circumstance of the biggest fish in the sea, the radiant whale shark. The puretime observes family picked to address the reason is the Aquis, the brand’s elite contemporary plunge puretime watches. The GMT variant of the Aquis showed up in 2019 , a triumphant combination of a powerful 300m jump puretime watches with a useful GMT work for wayfarers fit for following up to three distinctive time zones.

Gentle Giants

The whale shark (Rhincodon typus) is the biggest fish in the sea; to be more exact, it is the biggest non-cetacean creature on our planet. Initiated the whale shark in view of its huge measurements (going somewhere in the range of 9 m to a record 18 m) and on account of its channel taking care of strategy like different whales, the whale shark dates back to the Jurassic and Cretaceous time frame however was not found until 1828 off the South African coast. Benefiting from microscopic fish and other little marine animals, whale sharks engorge colossal amounts of seawater and afterward channel the fluid with their gill rakers to catch the small tiny fish and krill. The main hunter to the whale shark is man and its numbers in the Indo-Pacific oceans are declining a direct result of environmental change, boat impacts and fishing. In certain nations, the meat, gills, oil and blades for shark balance soup are valuable commodities. The annihilation of whale sharks would mean the breakdown of delicate sea environments. Combined with the danger to the presence of whale sharks presented by man, their monstrous size, sluggish developments, moderate proliferation rates and long life expectancy complicate the circumstance of their recuperation even further.

Oris ambassador, submerged picture taker Gerardo del Villar started capturing whale sharks over 15 years ago.  According to del Villar, the most ideal path we to overcome the dangers to the whale shark is to make “marine ensured zones” and to “teach individuals about the significance of whale sharks. We need to control contamination of the ocean. Furthermore, we need to battle against environment change”. A difficult task, yet a message that Oris needs to get across with its Aquis Whale Shark watch.

a Spotted Dial

Apart from their measurements, whale sharks are likewise known for the remarkable example of lines and white spots on their backs. The dial of the Aquis GMT inspires the spotted surface of the whale shark’s back with an uncommon engraved example. Like other Aquis GMT models, the blue shade of the dial is graduated and becomes marginally more obscure towards the edge. Be that as it may, its effervescent granular surface is totally different from the gleaming blue sheen of other Aquis GMT models. The 24-hour track relating to the bolt formed GMT hand is marginally recessed and snailed to contrast the effervescent foundation and there is a date window at 3 o’clock. The applied files and hands are chosen with Super-LumiNova, including the focal seconds hand with its lumed candy area.

The rest of the puretime watches is indistinguishable from other Aquis GMT models. Supplanting the exemplary hour long plunge scale with a 24-hour track, the Aquis GMT can show up to three distinctive time regions at the same time. Neighborhood time can be set utilizing the standard hour hand, home time utilizing the GMT hand with the orange tip, and a third time region utilizing the bidirectional GMT bezel in combination with the GMT hand. The indented two-tone beat up artistic supplement on the bezel has a laser-engraved 24-hour scale filled in white. Like a day/night marker, the dark compares to evening time hours and the blue for daytime.

The steel case has a width of 43.5mm (50mm carry to-drag and 14mm thick) and highlights brushed and cleaned wraps up. Secured with crown watches, the crown is in a bad way down and the caseback fixed to offer water-opposition of 300 metres.


Powering the Oris Aquis GMT Date is the programmed type 798, in light of a Sellita SW 330-1. This rethought development has a 42-hour power save and beats at 4Hz. As consistently with such developments, it is a straightforward GMT complication, as the extra time region is set by one-hour increases, and not the nearby time (similarly as with a Rolex GMT-Master II, for example). The development and its trademark red rotor are covered up under the hardened steel caseback with the etching of a whale shark in the middle and the arrangement number xxxx/2016.

Availability & price

The Oris Aquis GMT Whale Shark Limited Edition is limited to 2,016 pieces to stamp the time of IUCN’s declaration and is presently accessible from the brand’s site and retailers. The puretime watches comes with an incorporated steel arm band with collapsing fasten and an expansion framework. It will retail for CHF 2,800.

More data at Oris.ch .

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